Births, Deaths & Marriage License Certified Copies

You may now request a copy of a Marriage, Birth or Death record over the web and pay with your Visa or MasterCard by visiting or and completing the required information.

The fee for a Certified Copy of a Birth, Death or Marriage Certificate is currently $10.00 each.

Certified copies of New Hanover County Birth, Death and Marriage certificates may be obtained from the Vital Records Department, 320 Chestnut Street, Suite 120 or the Satellite office located at the Government Center.  Cost for these documents are $10.00 for certified and $1.00 for uncertified.

For information on Delayed Birth Certificates, Legitimations, and Amendments, please contact the Vital Records office at (910) 798-7712.

G.S.130A-26A(be)(1)  A person who commits any of the following acts shall be guilty of a Class 1 felony: Willfully and knowingly makes any false statement in an application for a certified copy of a vital record, or who willfully and knowingly supplies false information intending that the information be used in the obtaining of any copy of a vital record.

The Register of Deeds Office participates in the Statewide Birth Certificate Issuance Program, which enables local residents to obtain a copy of a certified birth certificate for individuals born anywhere in North Carolina from 1971 to the present.* The Register of Deeds is the legally authorized agent of the State Registrar to issue copies of certificates from the Statewide Birth Database, which is maintained by the State Vital Records Office in Raleigh.

The cost for the service is $24 to research the certificate in the North Carolina state registry and includes one copy of the certificate.  Additional certificates from the same search will be $15 each. For residents born in New Hanover county the cost for a certificate remains $10 each.

*Exclusion: Birth certificates for individuals who have been adopted can only be issued by North Carolina Vital Records in Raleigh, NC. For more information, call  New Hanover County Vital Records at 910-798-7712.


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