Yes, all records filed in the Register of Deeds office are public records. Anyone can view and obtain a copy of a public document in the office.​

Yes, as a courtesy to our customers, we have gone to the Secretary of States website and printed the form needed to register a business name.

No, North Carolina law prohibits the Register of Deeds from giving legal advice or referrals. ​

The Register of Deeds can only provide the amount of the excise tax stamp affixed to the deed at the time it was recorded. ​

You will need to consult an attorney. The Register or Deeds office does not perform title searches. ​

No, that information may be obtained from the Tax Department. ​

No, they are filed in the Estate division of the Clerk of Superior Court’s office.​

The Register of Deeds office has subdivision and condominium plats on file, not individual surveys.​

Divorces are on file in the Clerk of Superior Court’s office.

You will need to have a new deed drawn up and filed. It is recommended that you consult an attorney.​

A tax of $1.00 per $500.00 (more easily calculated as $2.00 per $1,000.00) of the purchase price which is mandated by NC state law to be paid by the grantor or seller.

Register of Deeds text file(s) are available for download here: Download data
A detailed description of this file is available here: Export_File_Layout.pdf

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